Clinical Skills

The Skills Lab

The Clinical Skills Lab is used by Undergraduate Medical Students, Postgraduate Education, Health Professional Students and Practitioners; it is used for practical simulated patient sessions. This allows practitioners to rehearse and develop a full range of skills necessary for patient care whilst in a safe and controlled environment.

The Clinical Skills Lab at Airedale General Hospital holds up to maximum of 10 people comfortably. The lab has a cluster of

four computers connected to a projector. Video equipment is available to record any training sessions or scenario role play.

The Clinical Skills Lab has a range of equipment to enable the students to practice their skills until they are proficient.  There are a selection of Manikins available which include, arms that allow injection technique, phlebotomy and cannulation training. There are also a number of sophisticated teaching models available including an Auscultation Trainer with smartscope allowing the student to palpate and identify auscultation locations in order to hear different heart and lung sounds, such as Pulmonary stenosis, Aortic regurgitation, Stridor and Mono wheeze. There is also a Central Venous Catheterization insertion simulator with ultra sound guidance. This enables clinicians to practice safe needle insertion under ultra sound guidance, these are to name but a few

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Equipment Used